Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sumiko Shop's Secret to Success

Once again I was given a fantastic opportunity to find out a bit more about a fellow successful seller on Etsy. If you are after online selling insights you may just find the help you need right here...

How long have you been selling on Etsy and how long have you been selling in other areas?
I started my adventure here on Etsy in July 2008, then I did some artisan markets, fairs and I've tried a few stores. I have a shop also on DaWanda, but it takes too long to follow both. I wish I could sell only online and accept some wholesale orders.

Is this your full time job or hobby?
It started as a hobby, I was on maternity leave so I had much time to devote to creativity. Still, I am full time mom and this is my unique work!

Describe your typical day/week relating to your business
I can say that I spend almost an entire day dedicated to Etsy. Early morning I read my email, chat in forums with members of my team and I write something in the blog. If I sold something overnight I print the addresses and sent emails of thanks.

During the afternoon I am busy creating new pieces and photographs, about 2-3 hours. Then I put new items on Etsy, at different times if possible. Every week is different, I have no fixed quantity of items to be completed it depends on the time of each one, but I try to list at least one new item every day. If one day I don’t have anything new, I renew something I already have for sale on Etsy.

In the evening I make the packages for the products sold. One thing I always do during the day is to check if the treasures are about to expire, I try never to miss an opportunity to make one!

I also update twitter and facebook and I comment the blogs that I follow.

What do you think makes you stand out when customers purchase from you versus your competitors?
This is something that every seller is asked.... I think the most important thing is the pictures, is the first thing the customer buys, then also the service, and a wide range of items.

It is very important to create your own style, try to be different from others, to be noticed among so many professional sellers who make the same kind of things that you do.
Be active. Update your store with new items often, to ensure that customers continually return to watch the new things that you have. And never stop improving your service, photos and packages.

Do you have the same or better success elsewhere? 
No, probably Etsy was my greatest success but maybe it's my fault, not spending the same time on other sites. I was successful, even in a real shop, where my things sold immediately, but I could not continue selling to that store, due to time restraints.

Are you a buyer and seller on Etsy or just a seller? 
I had signed up to Etsy to sell but I found many things on there that are really beautiful, I would like to buy everything.  I have no problem buying from other sellers, in fact I am glad that we support each other. I have not met a seller who does not buy from others.

If I have to make a gift, I like to buy supplies from other Etsy sellers.
I buy mainly supplies and accessories for my packages. However I have also bought hair accessories, a moleskin, a Felt Food Cake Pincushion, a painting, a banner, and some gifts.
Do you heart other sellers and if so why? 
Oh yes, everything I see that is cute I give them a heart. I usually heart images that inspire me for a future treasury.  In fact, my treasuries arise mainly from the images that I have saved among my favorites.
I also love to make collages on my blog, so my favorites can also make a theme on there.

Any General Tips you have come across for fellow sellers that you may want to share…
I do not consider myself a best seller, in fact, I am just beginning and I still have much to learn.

My advice: Be very patient if sales do not come quickly. Do not be discouraged. Having a team that supports you and helps in growth is a very important thing. Be very active not only in your shop, but also in the community. Comment on the Etsy Blog, attend events organized by Etsy, make many treasures, and do not be afraid to know the other sellers.

In this community I have met many best-sellers who gave me tips and I want to thank my team, European Street Team, who welcomed me with so much love, and support me even now 

And I want to Thank You, Emma for this opportunity you gave me!

As the curator of this blog I would also like to make a special mention to Eveyln from Sumiko Shop as I recently purchased two of her hair clips and they are just perfect! She is currently offering FREE Worldwide Shipping at the moment so check out her store if you would also like to get your hands on one of her pieces.


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