Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Getting Crafty! An Interview with Crafty Pagan Designs - Special offer for blog readers!

Thanks to Rowena from Crafty Pagan Designs for providing some wonderful insights into the life of a crafter and online seller! Have a read of what she has to say...

Rowena, What do you make?
I make luxury handmade greeting cards, vintage tag sets, bookmarks, and other stationary and altered art. Anything that I can stamp on!
How long have you been creating?
I've been creative all my life but I only got started stamping and papercrafting 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my now 2 year old boy. I think it was the first real chance I'd had to really get involved with a hobby after years of working long hours in beauty spa management.

How did you come across these materials/styles of crafting?
My style is developing all the time as I discover new techniques, or become inspired by something. When I began blogging over a year ago it opened up my eyes to the wonderful types of papercrafting and the cool stamps that were available. 
Who or What inspires your work?
Whenever I'm feeling uninspired I spend an hour or so looking through other stampers blogs-the talent out there couldn't fail to inspire and spark a new idea!

Is this your full time job or hobby?
I'm a stay at home mummy and any chance I get (my sons nap time and bedtime) I work on my etsy shop and create new projects. 
Where have you been most successful selling?
I'm really only starting to see good sales from etsy in the past couple of months when I've been really concentrating on promoting it etc, before then I sold items to local shops and word of mouth. 

Do you have any advice for fellow sellers trying to get more sales that has worked for you?
The only recommendations I can make that have helped me is if you're selling on etsy or another similar environment read the business posts-take advice, begin an active member in the forums, promote as much as you can (business cards, fanpages etc, blogging) and keep creating and listing those new items. Also respond to what others say that would like to see in your shop where possible, and always take custom orders!
Are there other blogs or sellers that you love?

There are so many bloggers and etsy sellers that I love! Here are just a few:
Queen of NostalgiaShe has been a long time favourite of mine-she evokes such nostalkgic emotion in both her writing and beautiful crafted pieces.
The LaLaLa Shop - Welsh artist Leanne Ellis has a style all of her own!
I love reading Crissy's Blog - Crissy is an artist for Whimsy stamps (the stamp company I design for) and I just find her blog so inspiring-she's such a talented artist!
Would you like to offer a giveaway/discount/promotion to blog readers?
I'd love to offer anyone reading this a 10% discount off any purchase (excludes shipping)-just quote Noogal Creations blog in the message to seller and I'll refund the amount through paypal after you've paid. Valid for one month.

You can also follow Crafty Pagan's Blog, Twitter and Facebook Pages...

Would you like to be featured on Noogal Creations? Just email me to find out more 

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Release the Tiger Inside!

Thanks to the long weekend I was able to put my creative thoughts into action! Here is my latest feather earring addition. Feel free to comment! 
To all the sellers out there that are having trouble getting sales. My one major tip would be to 'think positive' it has really been working for me this year and I woke up to a sale in my Made It shop this morning!

On another note... Lest We Forget. To all the remaining veterans, we wouldn't be the country we are without you.

White anemone poppy from Tamara Designs

Friday, 23 April 2010

New Black Peacock Feather Earrings... have a peek!

Just a little plug for my new black peacock feather earrings! I love the way the colours come through the black - flecks of gold and purple can be seen. You can have a look at them in my Etsy store.

I also created a black treasury on Etsy with this item and a few lovely other finds. Feel free to click and comment! 

Thursday, 22 April 2010

In Your Face Networking (#3 How to Market Your Brand Online)

What are you doing to get your brand out there locally? You never know… your neighbour might like your stuff!

I have sold locally with great success in the past.  If you are considering wholesaling your items to local shops try to find the balance between what you love and what will sell, remember don’t get offended if not everyone goes for your work! Stores have their own unique style that you need to fit in with as well. Here are some tips to improve your face-to-face networking:

Advertise Locally – I have a local newspaper but haven’t yet advertised which could be another option that I want to research and develop in the future.

Visit Stores Locally – Take a trip around your area if possible and visit some stores that you think may be interested in buying your items. I have made a few sales this way. Also, have a wholesale list of prices and product images that you can leave with them so they can decide and call you back when they want to order. Tangible material will emphasise a great deal and and stick in their mind. If it suits their store you may get an order!

Promote at Your Workplace - Yes it really is that simple, put up a flyer of your products on the notice board, send out an email to your work mates. As well as your colleagues liking your products, their family, children and friends might too!

Go To Markets - Find out what markets are in your area and even share a stall with a friend if it is too expensive for just you. Just make sure you have a lot of stock at great prices and try to coordinate a market before Christmas! I am currently looking into affordable markets in my local area to participate in this year.

Get Business Cards – It is that easy! Design some yourself or ask a local printer. Make sure it is simple, easy to read and keeps with your branding.  Make sure it has international contact details so that everyone can find you!  I have just designed some and will be getting them printed soon. They are essential for face-to-face networking! I am constantly getting asked by friends for my website so their friends can buy.

Make Gifts for Friends – that’s right, for all your friends even if it was just for a year, make their birthday and Christmas presents. Family and friends appreciate your talent so much that they will spread the word for you. Word of mouth is #1 for increasing your sales when networking!
Check out gorgeous prints from Jolinne

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Free Shipping Until April 30

If you like my feather or origami earrings now is the time to buy. After April 30 I will no longer be offering Free Worldwide Shipping.  If you think any of your friends would like my craft please spread the word! (International Customers) (Aussie Customers)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Postage & Packaging

After deep thought, I don't think I will be offering free shipping anymore. After a nasty experience with the post office lady I don't see it financially viable anymore.  
How much is reasonable post that you would pay on my items? 

International Parcels are generally $9.30 but if I can send them as a letter (which is what is currently the issue... maybe it was just that one woman) they only cost about $3-4. This also depends on the item, my bulkier items have to be sent as parcels so they are a no brainer. Would you be happy to pay postage on my earrings etc? And what has worked for you? I am thinking to leave my free postage offer just for this month and change in May. Any thoughts?
Dog Tracks in your Pillow Box by Lauras Box

Do You Like Red or Do You Love Birds?

Ok. It's official. I am obsessed with Treasury East on Etsy. It is just so easy to create a new treasury whenever I have a free second. If you haven't tried it please do. My Scarlet Midnight has made Page 2 on East it was on Page 3 this morning so please comment away and help me get these artists on the Front Page!


Monday, 19 April 2010

Brand New Collection of Blues

Hi fellow followers... feel free to comment on my latest creation in Treasury East! I'd love to see your creations as well. It looks like the more comments you have, you rank at the top of the page of Treasury East (more chance of getting to Etsy Front Page?)... oh please comment away and I will help you as well :)

Treasury East Now Open

The much anticipated Treasury East on Etsy is now open. Make a treasury whenever you want! I found out from Scacco alle Regine she included me in this beautiful treasury and the layout in my opinion is much better as it allows 4 columns and the comments are more modern posting.  I am about to go make one today. Very excited. No more waiting for treasuries to open!  I have also included two other treasuries that my lovely Etsian friends have included me in. Thank You!

Summer Holiday by Get Spooned (lovely spoon pendants)

Purple Parrots by La Femme Jewels (lovely gem jewellery)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Cool New Orange and Blue Treasury

Snapped up another Treasury on Etsy... check it out and feel free to comment

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sumiko Shop's Secret to Success

Once again I was given a fantastic opportunity to find out a bit more about a fellow successful seller on Etsy. If you are after online selling insights you may just find the help you need right here...

How long have you been selling on Etsy and how long have you been selling in other areas?
I started my adventure here on Etsy in July 2008, then I did some artisan markets, fairs and I've tried a few stores. I have a shop also on DaWanda, but it takes too long to follow both. I wish I could sell only online and accept some wholesale orders.

Is this your full time job or hobby?
It started as a hobby, I was on maternity leave so I had much time to devote to creativity. Still, I am full time mom and this is my unique work!

Describe your typical day/week relating to your business
I can say that I spend almost an entire day dedicated to Etsy. Early morning I read my email, chat in forums with members of my team and I write something in the blog. If I sold something overnight I print the addresses and sent emails of thanks.

During the afternoon I am busy creating new pieces and photographs, about 2-3 hours. Then I put new items on Etsy, at different times if possible. Every week is different, I have no fixed quantity of items to be completed it depends on the time of each one, but I try to list at least one new item every day. If one day I don’t have anything new, I renew something I already have for sale on Etsy.

In the evening I make the packages for the products sold. One thing I always do during the day is to check if the treasures are about to expire, I try never to miss an opportunity to make one!

I also update twitter and facebook and I comment the blogs that I follow.

What do you think makes you stand out when customers purchase from you versus your competitors?
This is something that every seller is asked.... I think the most important thing is the pictures, is the first thing the customer buys, then also the service, and a wide range of items.

It is very important to create your own style, try to be different from others, to be noticed among so many professional sellers who make the same kind of things that you do.
Be active. Update your store with new items often, to ensure that customers continually return to watch the new things that you have. And never stop improving your service, photos and packages.

Do you have the same or better success elsewhere? 
No, probably Etsy was my greatest success but maybe it's my fault, not spending the same time on other sites. I was successful, even in a real shop, where my things sold immediately, but I could not continue selling to that store, due to time restraints.

Are you a buyer and seller on Etsy or just a seller? 
I had signed up to Etsy to sell but I found many things on there that are really beautiful, I would like to buy everything.  I have no problem buying from other sellers, in fact I am glad that we support each other. I have not met a seller who does not buy from others.

If I have to make a gift, I like to buy supplies from other Etsy sellers.
I buy mainly supplies and accessories for my packages. However I have also bought hair accessories, a moleskin, a Felt Food Cake Pincushion, a painting, a banner, and some gifts.
Do you heart other sellers and if so why? 
Oh yes, everything I see that is cute I give them a heart. I usually heart images that inspire me for a future treasury.  In fact, my treasuries arise mainly from the images that I have saved among my favorites.
I also love to make collages on my blog, so my favorites can also make a theme on there.

Any General Tips you have come across for fellow sellers that you may want to share…
I do not consider myself a best seller, in fact, I am just beginning and I still have much to learn.

My advice: Be very patient if sales do not come quickly. Do not be discouraged. Having a team that supports you and helps in growth is a very important thing. Be very active not only in your shop, but also in the community. Comment on the Etsy Blog, attend events organized by Etsy, make many treasures, and do not be afraid to know the other sellers.

In this community I have met many best-sellers who gave me tips and I want to thank my team, European Street Team, who welcomed me with so much love, and support me even now 

And I want to Thank You, Emma for this opportunity you gave me!

As the curator of this blog I would also like to make a special mention to Eveyln from Sumiko Shop as I recently purchased two of her hair clips and they are just perfect! She is currently offering FREE Worldwide Shipping at the moment so check out her store if you would also like to get your hands on one of her pieces.

Purple and Green Treasury

If you are into Purple and Green hues, this treasury is for you...

A Big Thank You to Crafty Crackpot for including my Forest Fantasy Bracelet!
If you are looking for kiddie wear, Caitlin makes cute outfits, plushies and more, just check out her Etsy Store

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

First Peacock Feather Hair Piece... Opinions Wanted!

Hi Everyone, 

I would love your feedback on my latest design before I post it for sale online. It's my first peacock feather hair fascinator. All comments welcome. I need to find out:

1. What amount would you pay for this item?
2. Should I make more of this style? If so, what colours would you want to see?

Thank You fellow bloggers :)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Treasury Madness!

Well after saving up my favourites on Etsy for a while I finally got to put together a treasury featuring local and international sellers. Please check it out.

Also A BIG Thank You to Jess from Epheriell for including me in her new Treasury too (below). Feeling loved!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Perfect Peacock

Happy Monday! I just listed a new necklace and earring set. If you are into peacocks here is one for you...

What do you think?

Friday, 9 April 2010

Featured Seller Friday and Special Blog Reader Offer!

I recently fell in love with Kellie Christie's Button Jewellery and approached her to be a featured seller on my blog! Here is a bit more about Kellie and a special offer for Noogal Creations Blog Readers...

Kellie, What Do You Make?

I make button jewellery. This includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches and earrings. I use plastic buttons and like my pieces to stand out.

How Long Have You Been Creating?
I have always been a creative type of person and have been mainly making jewellery for the past 6 years.

How Did You Come Across These Materials/Style of Crafting?

I had just gotten into beading and was looking for something in my sewing box when I came across a packet of bright buttons. I had had these buttons for ages and when I found them I thought “I wonder if I could make a necklace from these?” That is how my button jewellery all began.

Who or What Inspires Your Work?
I am inspired by colours, I love to mix and match. Anything that is bright and eye catching works for me. I love so many jewellery designers who work with plastics, resins and up-cycled materials. Liana Kabel, a fellow Brisbane designer is a favourite she uses tupperware and knitting needles to create jewellery. Also American Margaux Lange who uses recycled Barbie doll body parts in her jewellery.

Is this Your Full Time Job or Hobby? What Do You Do with the Rest of Your Time?
I am a Mum, I have two small boys. One is 2yrs and the other is 4 months. I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home with them and not have to work but the kids are my full time job.  I would say that jewellery is my hobby for the moment but I am working on turning it in to more. I would love it to be my full time job!

What is Your Creative Space Like?
My creative space is usually a complete mess. My handy Dad converted the garage into a room for us and added aircon. This space has become my studio and hubby’s computer room all in one.

Where Have You Been Most Successful Selling?
I sell my jewellery through some great stores in Queensland and New South Wales, (they are listed on my blog). The majority of sales are through these stores and I have recently started participating in markets, which have been going well so far.

Do You Have Any Advice for Fellow Sellers Trying to Get More Sales?
Don’t be afraid to say “HI, This is what I make, would you be interested in stocking it?” The worst they will say is no and there are plenty of other places out there that will say yes.

Are there Other Blogs or Sellers that You Love?

Do You Have a Special Offer for Blog Readers?
Free postage for blog readers please add a message to seller on checkout and include “noogalcreations” to receive discount. Valid in both of my online stores.

You can also follow Kellie:

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Social Networking (#3 How to Market Your Brand Online)

Well how to use Networking online to market your product is turning into an essay! Here is the next part... 

What social networking tools do you use online? I know this can get pretty intense to manage as technology is continually evolving, but sometimes getting involved can be worth it! Once again it depends on what you sell and who you want to sell to, but most of the time social networking online can work for your business.

I mainly use Facebook to promote to my friends and family that like my products and have had a few direct sales this way. I am also about to do a giveaway via Facebook and I expect to see positive responses from my fans.

You can also use pages like Myspace, Twitter etc.  If nothing else, set up a Facebook business page! I don’t use Myspace as in my opinion it is old networking technology and more music and celebrity focused. I haven’t used my Twitter much, simply because I can’t stand its navigation features and lack of personality.

If you have a personal Facebook page, set up a Business Fan Page and send out invites to your friends! Remember not to bombard your fans with updates that aren’t relevant. Try things like providing an insight behind the brand, keeping your photos updated and fresh, competitions and industry news.  They like your product which is why they signed up, so give them something more. Have a look at my facebook

There are many other social networking sites that you can use however, it is a matter of using one you like, can keep updated and somewhere you can find like minded people. Your target market might not use social networking so just negate this whole post!

What is one thing great about using social networking? Your business ranks high in Google search results! My Facebook page is the first result to come up in my business name search along with my online selling websites and other blogs linked to my posts. What ranks high in Google when you search for yourself or products?

I found Markhed from the FP on Etsy. I love Pin Up!

Another Wonderful Treasury...

Thanks to Savage Kitten for including me in her beautiful treasury.  Here are a few of my favourite items from her Etsy Shop

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

For Added Online Exposure... Get on Craftgawker!

Increase your online exposure with Craftgawker! This wonderful site showcases gorgeous photos from across the globe. If you took a fantastic photo... why not submit it? 

Photos go through an approval stage and once approved, you are on the front page! Please comment if you have also been lucky enough to get approved. I would love to see the photos that made it! I just made it to the Front Page along with some beautiful items...

Another Treasury!

Thanks to Crafted Roots on Etsy for Including me in another gorgeous treasury...

Thursday, 1 April 2010

New Treasury & New Seller!

What a lovely Treasury by Joanna Jewelry! She was lovely enough to post my newest feather earrings in there. 

Joanna makes decoupage jewelry - "it's made of wood, colorful graphic and special varnish that gives a great glossy effect. And I love this technique because it gives tousands of possibilities - you can make almost everything you can imagine." Here are some of her designs...

On Another Note... If you have a blog at you can now edit it with multiple templates and colours! I just changed mine.  Visit Blogger and try it in your drafts!