Thursday, 22 April 2010

In Your Face Networking (#3 How to Market Your Brand Online)

What are you doing to get your brand out there locally? You never know… your neighbour might like your stuff!

I have sold locally with great success in the past.  If you are considering wholesaling your items to local shops try to find the balance between what you love and what will sell, remember don’t get offended if not everyone goes for your work! Stores have their own unique style that you need to fit in with as well. Here are some tips to improve your face-to-face networking:

Advertise Locally – I have a local newspaper but haven’t yet advertised which could be another option that I want to research and develop in the future.

Visit Stores Locally – Take a trip around your area if possible and visit some stores that you think may be interested in buying your items. I have made a few sales this way. Also, have a wholesale list of prices and product images that you can leave with them so they can decide and call you back when they want to order. Tangible material will emphasise a great deal and and stick in their mind. If it suits their store you may get an order!

Promote at Your Workplace - Yes it really is that simple, put up a flyer of your products on the notice board, send out an email to your work mates. As well as your colleagues liking your products, their family, children and friends might too!

Go To Markets - Find out what markets are in your area and even share a stall with a friend if it is too expensive for just you. Just make sure you have a lot of stock at great prices and try to coordinate a market before Christmas! I am currently looking into affordable markets in my local area to participate in this year.

Get Business Cards – It is that easy! Design some yourself or ask a local printer. Make sure it is simple, easy to read and keeps with your branding.  Make sure it has international contact details so that everyone can find you!  I have just designed some and will be getting them printed soon. They are essential for face-to-face networking! I am constantly getting asked by friends for my website so their friends can buy.

Make Gifts for Friends – that’s right, for all your friends even if it was just for a year, make their birthday and Christmas presents. Family and friends appreciate your talent so much that they will spread the word for you. Word of mouth is #1 for increasing your sales when networking!
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  1. Great tips - I am always giving gifts to friends and it has gotten me quite a few sales.

  2. Great work Gina! It's the best way to get it out there I reckon!

  3. Thanks for the great tips!