Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Purple and Turquoise Treasure Trove!

These are my favourite colours. I hope you enjoy my latest treasury and I would love you to click through and comment! Wonderful Etsy sellers on here.

Friday, 21 May 2010

How to wire wrap a briolette - Jewelry Making

How to wire wrap a briolette. I just tried this video tutorial and love it. Simple yet effective. Have a look at some of my favourite sellers I have found on Etsy that make these.

Wire Wrapped Sapphire Earrings by Angelene on Etsy

Teardrop Necklace in Purple Berry Chalcedony by Sleepy Moon Design on Etsy

Is Your Craft a Full Time Job or Hobby?

I just opened a forum on Etsy asking fellow sellers if their craft was a full time job or hobby. The responses have been mixed so far as well as the sales that go with it!  I will be writing a full article on this when I get more responses online. I would love my blog followers to also contribute to the post if you sell on Etsy... Here is the link.

Juniper Muscle Soother by amanimoon on Etsy

Monday, 17 May 2010

Marbled Feather Earrings

I have just created my first set of earrings using hand marbled feathers. What are your thoughts? 
I sourced these from Quilln Aros and she is just delightful to work with.  Not only does she create unique marbled feathers, she also makes exquisite marbled paper stationery. She is also a great supplier for exotic feathers so have a look at her store if you are after some feather supplies! I will be adding more marbled feather creations to my store but here is my latest and the last image will be added tomorrow to Etsy!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

With Lime...

Check out my latest treasury inspired by Lime! I would love any click throughs and comments. It is currently on the first page of treasury east listings and I'm hoping it gets to the Front Page!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Product Development - Pricing. Do You have a Formula?

Recently I have been told that I charge too much for my products and I wanted to find out your opinion on my designs... Have a look at my 'sold items' page and tell me what you would reasonably pay for an item on there...

I would love to hear your thoughts and I will post another blog about my pricing formula next...

Monday, 10 May 2010

Hot Pink & Black... Bringing back bright stripes & dots!

Check out my latest treasury on Etsy. I just love hot pink and black and hope you do too!

What Blog Articles do You Read Most?

Just a quick opinion wanted from my followers... What blog articles do you most love reading about?  I want to find out what to write more blogs about but I want to make sure it is something YOU like hearing about.  Any thoughts?

I usually post about:
*New Products
*Interviews with Sellers and
*Marketing Tips for all businesses

Is there something else that you want me to cover in my posts or a particular question you are looking to get answered?

Looking forward to your comments...

Friday, 7 May 2010

Inspiration & Product Development... Just what we all need!

I recently took part in a Craft Swap with Ember from Emberatia. The idea was to swap an item of equal value between crafters and share the love!  This was part of the Etsy DUST Team that I am a part of. This event happens quite frequently and I had a bit of spare time so decided to give it a shot.

I would highly recommend getting behind a craft swap to all sellers. It is selfless and another way to get your product out there.  Now there is always the worry that one party won't contribute but hopefully honesty does prevail for craft swaps. I would love to hear everyone's feedback about craft swaps or something similar if you have taken part.

I asked Ember what she liked in my product range and she liked 'long' earrings. So I worked with this idea and created my Be Daring Purple Feather Earrings.  I had combined these colours before with my first 'Be Daring' concept but the texture of the Emu and Peacock feathers used in the new design have really lifted the product I think.  See the comparisons below.  

Ember really liked her feather earrings so sometimes it is good to ask what style others like.  I was always worried about 'long' feather earrings because of the 'tickle' factor but sometimes it just works! Inspired by her feedback I decided to create a set to sell in my shop as well...

Be Daring (Original)