About Me!

Hi I'm Emma. I'm from Australia and have a love for creating unique jewellery and accessories! 

I started Noogal Creations back in 2007 but have been designing jewellery since I was 13.  In 2007 I opened my Etsy shop and found a love of working with Feathers!  I decided then that it was time to stop making purely beaded designs as the market was too competitive especially with cheaper designs made in China, I just couldn't compete! 

Noogal Creations is my hobby as I work full time as a marketer. I love marketing but through my NC I am able to escape the daily grind and let my creativity flow.  Other things I like to do in my spare time is cook or go to Bikram Yoga.

Last year I also discovered Origami jewellery and have been slowly adding Cranes, Butterflies and Fish to my range.

I try not to replicate any piece unless there is a high demand for a particular style. I try to keep each unique.  That is the beauty of working with feathers, they are like finger prints so no set of feather earrings are ever the same! And of course because my origami creations aren't mass produced each one is also slightly different to the other!

I pride myself on making handmade creations as well as buying handmade where possible because you know that someone has put the effort into your creation.

Please feel free to contact me regarding custom creations and on selling. 

Thank you for supporting my love for everything creative.