Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Social Networking (#3 How to Market Your Brand Online)

Well how to use Networking online to market your product is turning into an essay! Here is the next part... 

What social networking tools do you use online? I know this can get pretty intense to manage as technology is continually evolving, but sometimes getting involved can be worth it! Once again it depends on what you sell and who you want to sell to, but most of the time social networking online can work for your business.

I mainly use Facebook to promote to my friends and family that like my products and have had a few direct sales this way. I am also about to do a giveaway via Facebook and I expect to see positive responses from my fans.

You can also use pages like Myspace, Twitter etc.  If nothing else, set up a Facebook business page! I don’t use Myspace as in my opinion it is old networking technology and more music and celebrity focused. I haven’t used my Twitter much, simply because I can’t stand its navigation features and lack of personality.

If you have a personal Facebook page, set up a Business Fan Page and send out invites to your friends! Remember not to bombard your fans with updates that aren’t relevant. Try things like providing an insight behind the brand, keeping your photos updated and fresh, competitions and industry news.  They like your product which is why they signed up, so give them something more. Have a look at my facebook

There are many other social networking sites that you can use however, it is a matter of using one you like, can keep updated and somewhere you can find like minded people. Your target market might not use social networking so just negate this whole post!

What is one thing great about using social networking? Your business ranks high in Google search results! My Facebook page is the first result to come up in my business name search along with my online selling websites and other blogs linked to my posts. What ranks high in Google when you search for yourself or products?

I found Markhed from the FP on Etsy. I love Pin Up!


  1. Great marketing tips. I use a few of them myself.

  2. Great infos, thanks for sharing them!:)