Friday, 14 January 2011

Supporting the Queensland Flood Victims

Well it has been an interesting start to 2011. I have many new designs to come and the year was looking very positive until the state I live in was devastated by floods.

Lives have been lost and many businesses in Queensland as well as residents have lost their homes, cars and precious possessions. Even livestock had to fend for themselves and in some cases, family pets put down as they couldn't be taken with rescue efforts.

This is why the Australian nation is banding together to raise funds for flood victims. While Queensland got battered with rain and floods, Western Australia has been fighting bush fires. The two extremes on each side of the country. Now not only has Queensland been affected by floods but parts of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania have also been affected. And with cyclones looming off the Queensland coast, all eyes are watching for more rain.

Now the clean up begins and it will take months for Queensland to get back to its original beauty. This is why I have supported the BrisStyle Handmade Heart Beats for QLD. I am a proud member of BrisStyle and the lovely local crafters in our area are kindly donating portions of proceeds from sales and even WHOLE proceeds of sales to the flood relief effort.  So please pop over to the link and view some of the local crafters donating. I am also offering 10% of every Etsy sale in Noogal Creations to the flood relief. It is in desperate times that humanity shines through.