Friday, 7 May 2010

Inspiration & Product Development... Just what we all need!

I recently took part in a Craft Swap with Ember from Emberatia. The idea was to swap an item of equal value between crafters and share the love!  This was part of the Etsy DUST Team that I am a part of. This event happens quite frequently and I had a bit of spare time so decided to give it a shot.

I would highly recommend getting behind a craft swap to all sellers. It is selfless and another way to get your product out there.  Now there is always the worry that one party won't contribute but hopefully honesty does prevail for craft swaps. I would love to hear everyone's feedback about craft swaps or something similar if you have taken part.

I asked Ember what she liked in my product range and she liked 'long' earrings. So I worked with this idea and created my Be Daring Purple Feather Earrings.  I had combined these colours before with my first 'Be Daring' concept but the texture of the Emu and Peacock feathers used in the new design have really lifted the product I think.  See the comparisons below.  

Ember really liked her feather earrings so sometimes it is good to ask what style others like.  I was always worried about 'long' feather earrings because of the 'tickle' factor but sometimes it just works! Inspired by her feedback I decided to create a set to sell in my shop as well...

Be Daring (Original)


  1. Hellooo from Greece and Στάλες στο γαλάζιο team.
    Φοβερα πανεμορφες δημιουργιες......
    Μπραβο σου!!!

  2. Just have to say these are gorgeous! So are the marbled ones, but I love purple:-) Also read your post on pricing, and couldn't believe someone said you charged too much. I don't think so, at all.

  3. Hi Erica! Thank so much for your feedback. I'm glad you like my creations. I'll be adding more marbled ones soon. Purple is my fav colour as well! :)