Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Worldwide Cherry Collection!

Well I have been waiting for a Treasury on Etsy for some time now and thought bugger it - I'll just add my favourite items on here!

Cherry Inspired from across the globe!

Column 1:
Noogal Creations "Cherry Delight" - Please Eloise "Juicy Red Cherries" - Sweet Berry Bird's "First Cherries" - Merritt Hyde "Rustic Cherry Metal Painting"

Column 2:
Spice Rack Designs "Perfect Circle"My Very Button "Retro Yummy Cherry" - Tzaddi Shop "So Very Cherry"

Column 3:
Zara Carpenter "Very Cherry Baby" Cozzy Cottage "Yellow & Cherry Dish Towel Set" - Art Essence "Organic Still Life Cherries" - Atlantisak "Merry Cherry"


  1. Cute collection! What's not to love about cherries, LOL.

  2. Yummy cherries, great collection