Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Thinking Outside the Box

Welcome to my brand new topic! It's all about sellers helping fellow sellers!

I will keep this post going so long as there is an interest.  Do you want me to help you with product ideas and marketing your craft online?  

In return all I ask is that you pick a fellow seller you admire and post a suggestion for improvement on your blog... keep the thread going!  Just link it to my blog so I can see too.

Here is an example.

I absolutely adore these pencils by Missisaau

I love her creativity and my one suggestion would be considering packaging as part of the product. I would love to be able to buy pencils in a pencil pouch, since I'm an artist and love to be neat!  Maybe pairing your items with a seller such as Henry & Zoe as a special offer or even as a giveaway or craft swap.

What do my fellow sellers think? And would you like to contribute as well?

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