Thursday, 11 February 2010

Material Madness

I have a few favourite materials I like to work with when creating my earrings and other jewellery designs. What are your favourites?

Right now I love designing with Chain - Sterling Silver, Black and even dabbling with Gold. You will notice as I add more Noogal Creations they will be Chain inspired. 

I also love Cherries so there will be a few Feather and Cherry designs combined with chain added shortly.

I have always loved Swarovski Crystals but have also found a new love for Czech glass beads, so more of these will be incorporated into my designs.  

One popular feather design I created in 2008 combined local Lampwork beads with feathers. I got a few sales of this one particular design over the years which is exciting! I am looking to work more with lampwork beads in the future. Once again it's just a matter of adding to my jewellery materials! Can I have a bigger budget? Maybe I'll take more lotto tickets!


  1. That blue feather one looks very cool. I think it would tickle my neck too much..LOL

  2. hehe! Surprisingly its not as bad as it looks! there is one that drove me crazy and I knew it would for anyone who bought it so I ironed it and it's perfect now!