Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How to Market Your Brand Online

Here are a few topics I will be outlining in my next few posts for everyone who is trying to sell their handmade items online...
  1. Know Your Market
  2. Product Development
  3. Networking
  4. Pictures say a Thousand Words
  5. Descriptions are Key
  6. Update your Listings
  7. Customer Communication and Feedback
  8. Competition
  9. Add Something Extra
(If there is something else you would like covered please comment and let me know)

Firstly, Knowing Your Market.
You may think you know who you are targeting, but sometimes it isn't that obvious.  Work out who your ideal customer would be and find out their interests! 

When I first started creating I sought feedback from local stores and family and friends. Sometimes family can be too positive about your creations and you can get stuck in a bubble. Be open to honest criticism and find out what you are doing right and wrong for your ideal market. It may be the case that you have to shift your focus as your market may actually be elsewhere. 

I found recently that I was trying to target like minded females, however I actually found that males were purchasing more often from me! They were buying my creations as presents for their girlfriends - something I completely overlooked.  Originally I was very hung up on price in order to make it in the market but soon realised that if 80% of my business is gift purchases, price isn't necessarily the first priority.  So this has shifted my focus, now I stay true to myself and create pieces that are unique to the market while also considering price.

My current market is continually changing as I develop my product and as my designs grow with me. Which is what will happen with most sellers as their tastes change and as trends change, so too will your market and product which brings me to the next topic... product development - how it comes about and what you can do to improve your creations!

Here are couple of great examples of knowing your market:



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