Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New Projects! New Designs!

It's has been a while but I have been slaving away. I facebook much more than I get to blog! So after doing a fantastic resin course in Brisbane the other month I am on a resin high!! It is simply fantastic and if you are looking for something fun and creative to take up as a hobby I can't recommend working with resin enough!

Here are some of my latest creations. I have also been working on a few more feather designs but they have gone direct into The Collective Store at Wynnum and also on some custom pieces. I have been flat out. I'm also working on my other label Miss Rockabilly so my spare time after work is pretty jam packed!

I would love to hear from my readers what you think and what you want to see more of!

I just have to update my Etsy store so persist with me for a while, but for all my latest happenings you will hear it first and see it first on Facebook. It's just so easy as I'm on there everyday anyway.


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