Friday, 8 January 2010

New Year New Creations!

My Goal for 2010 is 24 sales! 2 per month.

My Goal for 10 years - quitting my day job and being creative full time!

My love for everything creative is what keeps me going!

Currently I haven't had the best sales on Etsy. I have had the most success in selling on Ecrater. I am also currently trying Zibbet and 2Threads.

I create feather and origami earrings along with hair accessories.  I think because of the competition in the market I have had a hard time selling.  Online selling is very difficult. I'm very glad I haven't quit my day job just yet or else I wouldn't have much of an income to work with!  Because I love what I do so much this is what keeps me motivated to continue to add items to these sites!

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